Want to Help? Donate Now!

Amount: Any / It costs $350 per translator
Purpose: Language Translation
Need: Urgent
Translators are an integral part of being able to spread the Gospel. Without multiple, accurate translators, we couldn’t tell the story of Christ to unreached people groups. Cover the cost it takes to hire a translator to go with the Mission One Eleven team to translate to Unreached Tribes.

Amount: Anything you can do will help / it cost students $3,775
Purpose: Gospel Storytelling
Need: Urgent
Without Students willing to go and tell the story, we would have nothing to record or capture. Cover some or the entire cost of a student to attend Mission One Eleven; training, tuition, and travel.

Amount: Anything you can do / It costs more than $2,000 to feed the Cast while in Ethiopia
Purpose: Feeding Mission One Eleven Team and Assignment Crew
Need: Normal
Let’s face it, without food, our crew and the Mission One Eleven team couldn’t survive in the bush. Your donations goes to help the Mission One Eleven team buy and take all the food for their expedition to the Unreached Tribes.

Amount: It costs around $3,000 while in country for Land-cruisers, motorbikes, donkeys, Helicopter
Purpose: Transporting Crew and Team
Need: Normal
It costs about $3,000 a week to transport a team of missionaries from the capital to the site of the Gospel festival and then into the bush by bus and land cruiser. This is an expected and unavoidable cost. Your donation goes to pay for bus and lad cruiser transportation.

Amount: Any amount is appreciated – you probably found us through the TV Show- It works!
Purpose: Continuing production of the Assignment TV Show
Need: Normal
So far, every hour of time spent working on the Assignment TV Show has been donated by individuals who believe in the cause. Your donation goes to help us reach a wider audience with The Asssignment TV Show, and ultimately the Gospel.

Amount: Any
Purpose: Continuing production of the Assignment TV Show
Need: Normal
Goes to help maintain the inner workings and promotion of Mission One Eleven and to reach “The Unreached.”